What to Expect from a Social Security Lawyer Around Me

Social Security disability is a program that was put in place to help individuals who become disabled and are no longer able to work. Individuals who are found to have a disabling mental or physical condition receive a monthly check for living expenses and medical benefits. Because the process of applying and appealing is not always easy, many individuals opt to hire a Social Security lawyer around me.

How Does a Lawyer Help?

Although a person can certainly fill out the paperwork themselves, the process can sometimes be stressful. If a lawyer is hired from the beginning, they can help their client fill out all of the paperwork to make sure it is done so correctly. One of the most common reasons for denials is errors. Working with a lawyer can help a person prevent those errors as well as needless delays.

Social Security lawyers know what the administration is looking for when it comes to a diagnosis and prognosis. The lawyer will work with their client’s doctors to make sure ample medical records are provided. The diagnosis must be on the list of approved conditions and must be a permanent condition the individual will never recover from.

If the applicant is denied their benefits, hiring a lawyer is even more important. Thankfully, applicants have the right to appeal denials. The first appeal is a request to have the administration review the application again. The second request is a formal one that will involve scheduling a hearing before a judge.

The lawyer will help prepare their client for the hearing so they will be prepared to answer any questions the judge may ask. The lawyer will also have medical professionals to testify on behalf of their client.

Schedule a Consultation Appointment

If you are in need of legal help with your disability, you need to find a Social Security lawyer around me. To learn more about how a lawyer can help you, visit website.com. Call the office to schedule your consultation appointment so you can rest assured your case will be given the attention it deserves.

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