Criminal Law Attorneys in Centerville, OH Can Protect Drivers’ Rights After Unlawful Traffic Stops

by | Mar 27, 2018 | Lawyers and Law Firms

If a person has recently had an unusual encounter with the police, they may wonder about their rights during such interactions. If a person is charged with an offense because of one of these encounters, criminal law attorneys in Centerville, OH can, in some cases, get charges dismissed. Below are several things citizens should know about their rights when dealing with the police.

Do Drivers Have to Roll Down Their Windows for the Police?

Drivers are legally required to present their identification to police officers on request. If a person refuses to do so, they can be arrested, but they won’t be convicted as long as they provide a license that was valid at the time of the arrest. Drivers must comply with law enforcement, which requires communication.

Do Police Officers Have to Give a Reason for a Stop?

While officers can’t pull people over without cause, they don’t have to tell drivers the reason behind a stop. Some officers may do so to de-escalate a situation, but they’re not legally required to give a reason. Even if a person knows they’re right, an officer can pull them over.

Are Drivers Allowed to Record Police During Stops?

In the recent past, video of officers’ misbehavior has been used in court cases, which has led defendants to be declared innocent. Drivers can film officers during stops, as long as the recording does not interfere with the investigation.

Can Police Search Vehicles During Traffic Stops?

Officers must receive permission before searching a person or their vehicle unless they have just cause to perform a search. An officer may be able to claim cause for several reasons, and they can also request an electronic warrant that allows them to search without permission.

How Long Can an Officer Hold a Driver During a Traffic Stop?

There’s no predetermined length of time officers can hold a driver during a stop. A traffic stop may last anywhere from a few minutes to an hour or more, but there’s no limit as long as the judge rules in the officer’s favor in regarding probable cause.

Traffic stops can be stressful, but a driver who knows their rights can stay out of trouble. However, criminal law attorneys in Centerville, OH can help in cases where a person’s rights are infringed upon. Find more information online or call the office today.

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