Mistakes to Avoid When Facing a Criminal Law in Williamsport PA

by | Apr 3, 2018 | Lawyer

Being arrested and facing a criminal law is not only stressing but also intimidating. One is always worried about their reputation, family or job. This situation could get worse when one makes certain makes. It could make the accused to get severe charges and penalties. For this reason, be sure to avoid the three mistakes below when facing a Criminal Law in Williamsport PA.


After getting arrested, most people assume that keeping silent is an admission that they are guilty. The arrested has the right to remain silent, and they should ensure they observe this right. Even an innocent statement is not necessary. As much as it may seem harmless, accusers use it against the accused in court. For this reason, be sure to avoid any unnecessary talks when facing the Criminal Law in Williamsport PA.

Resisting and Ignoring Orders

As much as one could be innocent, resisting orders could cause more harm than good. Failing to show up in court, taking back to a police officer or trying to flee from authority are some of the forms of resistance. One ends up facing serious charges when they try to resist. For this reason, be sure to cooperate with the authority. They are more likely to rule in favor of a cooperative person.

Hiring a Lawyer Without Criminal Defense Experience

When facing a criminal law, hiring a qualified lawyer may seem obvious. It is surprising to know that most people fail in their cases due to the choices of lawyers they have. By assuming that all lawyers are the same, one is at risk of getting a lawyer who may not help them. Be sure to research a lawyer before hiring. Get the lawyer with court experience and qualifications to handle the defense.

Criminal charges are not only tough for the accused but also their family members and friends. Making a slight mistake now could lead time to years in jail. Additionally, an individual could get a hefty fine which is not worth. To increase chances to win, being perfect is crucial. Be sure to avoid the three mistakes above when facing the criminal law. Visit Callahan & Gardner Law Office for more information.

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