When Is a Divorce Actually Finalized?

The divorce process can be exhausting, and you might be feeling drained after long legal proceedings. Staying in touch with your lawyer, as well as staying on top of all of the documents and contracts you need to sign, can be a haul. At the end of each day, you are probably asking yourself, “When will my divorce be finalized?”

By understanding how the divorce process works, and by keeping track of what you’ve already accomplished, you can start to see when and where your divorce will be made final. By sticking with it, and by participating in effective communication with your lawyer, you will become closer and closer to the end.

Divorce Processing Times May Vary

Depending on how many times you have to appear in front of a judge, and how many negotiations you have to make with your ex-spouse, you can be in the divorce process for a long time. Some divorce cases take years to get through. Some only take a few months. And even after all of the documents are signed, hearings are attended, and matters are settled, there is still a procedure required just to start the divorce finalization process.

Completing the Divorce

It can take an average of six months to complete the divorce process. This process can be expedited if the divorce is friendly, meaning that there are no contested terms and everything is settled quickly and of good nature. If one of the spouses decides to contest something, however, this can take a lot longer.

Couples can choose to contest items such as financial matters, property, and child custody rules. With this kind of divorce case, it can take an extra amount of time to allow everyone to consider as many details as possible. Of course, if one of the two parties is refusing to participate in the divorce, this could prolong the process even further.

Getting the Judge’s Signature

A divorce is finalized and becomes effective on the day the judge signs the judgment on the divorce papers. This makes the dissolution of marriage official, and neither party must participate in any more hearings or proceedings with one another. At this point, it is wise to receive a copy of all documents in case they are ever needed in the future.

Visit a Family Law Professional to Finalize Your Divorce

Our Schaumburg family lawyer at the office of Fedor Kozlov, P.C. can assist you in all legal matters regarding a divorce. We will work to ensure that your divorce is processed and finalized promptly, so that you can get your life back into your own hands.