Filing a Claim for a Worker-Related Injury with an Accident Lawyer in Norfolk, VA

In Virginia, employees who are injured on the job are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. The employer files a claim through their insurer to collect compensation for the worker. The benefits include a payment for all medical requirements and monetary benefits to cover lost wages. An accident lawyer in Norfolk, VA helps workers who are denied benefits.

Did the Worker Meet the Deadlines?

Any worker that doesn’t report their injuries within thirty days loses their right to worker’s compensation. The laws require the worker to report their injuries to their immediate supervisor. If their immediate supervisor isn’t available, the worker reports the injuries to upper management.

Who Provides the Workers’ Compensation Documents?

The human resources department provides the necessary forms for the workers. The manager directs the worker about where to go to receive medical care. Typically, urgent care facilities work with workers’ compensation insurance providers. The doctor at the urgent care facility must provide the findings of the medical assessment to the human resources department in five days.

All documents are submitted to the workers’ compensation insurance provider. A claim’s adjuster reviews the medical records and determines if the worker qualifies for coverage. A letter is sent to the worker explaining if they were approved for benefits.

What Injuries Are Eligible for Workers’ Compensation?

All work-related injuries are eligible for medical coverage under the insurance program. However, workers won’t receive monetary benefits unless they are unable to perform light-duty work. The medical findings must designate a date in which the worker is able to return to work. The recovery time determines the total value of the monetary benefits provided.

What Can Workers Do If They Are Denied?

Workers who are denied monetary benefits present their claim to the court. The injuries must meet specific guidelines that an attorney could explain. Typically, the injuries must require an extensive recovery period or prevent the worker from returning to work.

In Virginia, employees who sustain injuries while working receive worker’s compensation benefits if they qualify. The recovery time for the injury determines if the worker receives monetary benefits. Workers who need help can contact an accident lawyer in Norfolk, VA through website now.