Victims of Fall Accidents in Easton Can Seek Financial Relief for Their Injuries

Many people suffer from falls each year whether it is from a height or due to slipping and falling. Therefore, they often have to sue the other party in order to gain some financial relief. If you have been the victim of a fall that you feel resulted from negligence, you need to contact an attorney.

Who to Contact If You Are a Victim of a Fall

In this case, you should contact a legal advisor such as the Law Office of Bruce S. Raphel, PC for help. By taking this step, you can find out more about your rights and what you can receive in damages for this kind of settlement. Not only should you gather the necessary medical documentation but you also need to retrieve information that concerns the amount of money you have lost in work compensation.

The Statute of Limitations

By contacting an attorney about fall accidents in Easton, victims can receive better clarification as to what they are entitled to with respect to compensation. However, in order to make this type of claim, you also have to understand something about the state’s statute of limitations. A statute of limitations is a legal mandate that limits the time in which a victim can file a claim against a negligent party.

Filing a Claim

In Massachusetts, victims of fall accidents have three years from the day of the mishap in which to file a claim. Wrongful death suits must also follow this law in order to receive compensation. Most slip and fall claims are based on whether a property owner’s negligence caused the accident. As a result, a number of criteria must be considered in order to make a decision about the case. That is why it is essential that you contact a fall accidents attorney to assist you in your claim. He or she can help you follow the necessary protocol to ensure that you receive the settlement you deserve. Visit website for attorney about experienced fall accidents in Easton.