Establishing Guardianship With An Attorney In Walker, MN

In Minnesota, at any time that a child is at risk, a family member can step up and seek a guardianship for this child. These risks could include any form of abuse, neglect, or mistreatment. They include circumstances in which the child isn’t provided adequate care or placed in a dangerous situation. The following is information about establishing a guardianship with an Attorney in Walker MN.

Presenting Evidence of a Risk

Evidence of the risk is presented through an assessment. The family member has the option to contact the police or child protective services to assess the child. Once the report is filed, an officer or a caseworker will visit the home of the child. They will conduct an immediate assessment to determine if the child should be removed from the property due to a risk.

Child Protective Services

Child protective services can conduct interviews with the child and the parents separately. They will gather evidence of the identified risk and help the family member build their case. This allows the court to step in and mitigate risks that could be life-threatening to the child.

Petitioning the Court for a Guardianship

The family member must petition the court to start a guardianship. In most cases, the court will provide the new guardian with temporary custody for one year. This assignment allows the court to review both living conditions and determine the most suitable home for the child. The caseworker conducts assessments to determine if a risk is still present in the child’s home.

The Permanent Assignment

If the biological parent doesn’t eliminate the risk, the court can move forward with the permanent guardianship. This arrangement lasts until the child is eighteen years old. The new guardian must provide for the child completely.

In Minnesota, at any time that children are at risk or in danger, a family member can petition the court for guardianship. These assignments provide them with full control over the child. They may also provide the biological parent with supervised visitation in some cases. Family members who want to start this assignment contact an Attorney in Walker MN through Brainerd Minnesota Law Firm today.