What to Expect in Slip and Fall Civil Litigation with a Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer in Queens County, NY

by | Jun 14, 2017 | Lawyer

Slip and fall accidents badly injure people all the time. When someone is injured on the premises of a commercial building, the owner is liable for the cause of injury. Injuries in commercial buildings have occurred when items fall off shelves, someone trips or slips on the part of the floor that is damaged or wet and other parts of the property in poor condition. The owners of commercial real estate have a duty of keeping their property in an acceptably safe condition. When there are areas inside or outside of a property that is poorly kept or in need of repair, the owner can be sued in court when someone gets hurt under the conditions.

A few things should be put into consideration when investigating the circumstances of a slip and fall accident. If an object was out of place and tripped over, the risk of accident was increased. It should be known if a warning sign would have made people aware to take caution. If it was a broken object that caused injury, the owner should have made sure it was cleaned up immediately. Dim lighting could make it hard to see objects. The injured should find out if the hazardous area was there long enough for the owner to have completed a repair. A slip and fall accident lawyer in Queens County, NY will assess the circumstances of a case to determine if it’s defensible.

Here are a few steps to take after a slip and fall accident. Pictures of the accident provide a great deal of justice for the plaintiff. Photos show the condition of the area and may reveal exactly what caused the injury. If the injured person can’t take photos, they should try to have a witness or anyone at the spot take pictures. A video recording that reveals hazards that caused injury in detail might be an even better source of evidence. The owner of the building or other persons in charge should be alerted of the accident right away. Contact a slip and fall accident lawyer in Queens County, NY if you believe there is a valid case. Schedule an appointment at the Law Office of Steven R. Smith for a free consultation. Browse the website to learn more about legal services.

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