The Importance of DWI Defense Attorneys in Tyler, TX

So, you got into a DUI/DWI. You know it, the police know it, but they recommend hiring a DWI defense attorney anyway. You may not see the point though; after all, it’d be a waste of time since the evidence is so staggering, wouldn’t it? However, this is not the case, as even when you feel you are backed into a corner, an attorney can still help you out a great deal. So, if you want to know how DWI defense attorneys in Tyler, TX can help you, read on to learn the main ways.

Getting a Plea bargain

While getting a plea bargain may be possible without an attorney, the plea you’ll potentially get with one will be much more to your advantage. This is because an attorney will obviously know the holes in the system and how to navigate you through them to guarantee your safety. They know how to negotiate with the prosecution to get you a potentially lesser charge.

Sentence Bargaining

In most states, if you think plea bargaining will get you nowhere, a good choice would be sentence bargaining. This is when the attorney negotiates to have your sentence shaved down to less than that which you would have received normally. Like with plea bargaining, it is possible to accomplish this without an attorney, but the process goes a lot smoother when you have one.

DUI Law Is Complicated

You may think you’re absolutely sunk, but with this brand of law, as with every brand of law frankly, nothing is black or white as the cops could lead you to believe. There are loopholes, alternative routes, and generally a lot of different ways a case that seems otherwise open and shut can play out, but only if you fight and you get an attorney willing to fight with you. So make sure that you find the right lawyer to help you do just that because you won’t regret spending that money once jail-time is on the line.

At some point, we may all need a lawyer. Hopefully not a DWI attorney, but anything can happen. If you ever find yourself seeking the aid of DWI defense attorneys in Tyler, TX, you’ll find no better help than that available at the Law Office of Holmes & Moore P.L.L.C. Like us on Facebook.