Understanding How Benefits Are Paid Under Workers Compensation Law in Sunbury, PA

by | Jul 2, 2018 | Lawyer

Injuries resulting from accidents on the job usually are covered by workers compensation benefits. When an employer or the insurer providing those benefits disputes a claim, the injured person may need to hire an attorney for assistance. Attorneys offering service in Workers Compensation Law in Sunbury PA understand how to deal with these situations so the individual can start receiving payments to compensate for lost wages.


Workers compensation benefits typically are temporarily disability payments that make up for most of the person’s wages while he or she cannot work. The benefits also pay for medical treatments such as surgery and physical therapy along with related expenses. If the person suffers a permanent disability, a certain amount of financial compensation is provided.

A variety of incidents that cause physical harm can happen in the workplace. Workers Compensation Law in Sunbury PA states that medical treatment and wages are covered even if the employee was at fault, although there are some exceptions. If an employee does something careless while operating machinery and is injured, benefits should still be paid. However, if it turns out that the employee had been drinking alcohol before work and was intoxicated, the employer or the insurer may justifiably deny the claim.

Reasons for Claim Disputes

What is the motivation for insurers and employers to dispute claims that actually are valid? Basically, it comes down to money. Insurance companies have the goal of making a certain amount of profit while also satisfying their customers. Understandably, they do not want to pay fraudulent claims. Employers may face having to pay higher insurance premiums if employees are injured and receive workers comp benefits.

Levels of Disability

For some workers, the injury is devastating. Some experience permanent consequences and may be too disabled to ever return to work. Even when the physical harm is relatively minor, the person still may need several weeks off work to recover. Bills must still be paid. Dealing with the worker’s compensation system should not become an additional burden during this trauma. Attorneys from an organization such as Callahan & Gardner Law Office can help. Click Here to get started.

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