Things to Do Before Hiring a Traffic Violations Lawyer in Hillsboro, MO

Getting a traffic ticket can be an incredibly frustrating experience, especially when someone is sure they have done nothing wrong. Fortunately, there are ways to fight these types of infractions, even going so far as hiring a traffic violations lawyer in Hillsboro, MO. Here are some things to do before making that call.

Check It

Read the ticket thoroughly. There are some forms of information that, if written wrong, could be the key to getting the ticket dismissed. Such things as wrong make and model of the vehicle being driven or wrong name and driver’s license number must be presented accurately on the ticket itself. Make a mental note of the exact city or state code allegedly being broken and ask the police officer for clarification if need be. The ticket should also state the date, time, and location of the court appearance if the ticket is being contested.

Take Note

Many traffic laws are purely subjective in nature. Therefore, it makes sense to take note of exactly where the traffic stop occurred, the amount of traffic that was present, and even the weather at the time. All of this should be presented to a traffic violations lawyer in Hillsboro, MO so that a proper defense can be constructed. With the prevalence of smartphones, pictures of the area and even video statements from any witnesses can be collected as potential evidence.

Check Equipment

It is very important to find out exactly what equipment the police officer used to ascertain that an infraction occurred. The officer will have to present evidence that the equipment was working properly and had been subject to regular calibration schedules, if applicable. Before the officer leaves the scene of the stop, be sure to get his or her name, badge number, and patrol car number.

After these simple procedures have been completed, take the collected evidence and information to a reputable and experienced firm such as Wegmann Law Firm. While there are never any guarantees in a court of law, their experienced attorneys will do everything possible to get the charges dismissed with a minimum of stress placed on the defendant. Like us on Facebook.