Submitting a Formal Claim with a Disability Attorney in Olympia, WA

by | Jun 3, 2016 | Disabilities Law Services

In Washington, all individuals who have an eligible disability may file an application for benefits, which provide them with monthly payments to help them support themselves. The award of these benefits is determined by the Social Security Administration. A disability attorney in Olympia, WA helps individuals who have been denied these benefits.

Identifying an Eligible Condition

An eligible condition, according to the SSA, is either physical or mental in nature, and they must be chronic and affect the applicant’s ability to acquire a job. It should prevent them from working in any field due to the possibility of incapacitation. The applicant must provide extensive details about this condition on their application. They must also provide medical records or information to allow the agency to acquire the records themselves.

Building a Viable Claim with Evidence

A legal claim is possible after the applicant is denied these benefits. An attorney can help them build a viable claim by presenting their information to a jury. The applicant’s medical records are needed to provide this representation properly.

A doctor may also speak on behalf of the applicant. They can provide medical testimony to explain how the condition affects the individual more accurately. This testimony helps the jury understand why the applicant needs benefits to support themselves.

Why Was the Applicant Denied?

There is a forty-nine percent changes of a denial in most disability cases. The initial reason in these cases is a lack of credible information. Additionally, the SSA may use their own doctors to conduct an evaluation of the applicant. In most cases, these doctors don’t possess the right credentials to assess the identified condition. They are a general medicine doctor in most cases; hence, they cannot diagnose complex mental disorders that could have devastating effects on a patient’s life.

In Washington, disabled individuals have the right to submit a claim for social security benefits if they are denied. The initial steps may require them to file an appeal first. However, an attorney could help them manage a lawsuit to acquire benefits. Applicants who were refused benefits should contact a disability attorney in Olympia, WA or Visit us for more information.

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