Washington State Lemon Laws & Important Details

Washington State Lemon Laws are very specific when it comes to how car repairs are to be handled by dealers. Every state has a different way of handling the lemon law. While the basics of the law remain the same, there are a few minor specifics that may vary from state to state. Understanding the very specific Lemon Laws for Washington typically takes a little professional help.

The Details

Lemons Laws across the US all have the same goal-consumer protection but how consumers are protected is where you find most of the differences. In cases of gross misconduct by the dealership or the manufacturer you will most likely find that the outcomes are all very similar but when it comes to the details like:

  • Restitution

  • Penalties

  • How the cases are played out

In some states restitution penalties can be high, in others it is not so in most cases having a lawyer to fight alongside you will help. The penalties also vary from state to state. How the case is played out also can be a huge difference from state to state. Trying to get a handle on the entire process can be very challenging without some professional help.

Protect Your Rights

You have protections that you can take advantage of but you have to take the steps to ensure that you are handling the situation correctly. You have to have someone that understands the process and the specifics on the Washington Lemon Laws to guide you and to fight with you or you risk losing the protections that are available to you. You can contact Krohn & Moss the premier law firm for Lemon Law cases to get the assistance that you need. It is your right to be fairly represented in your Lemon Law case! Contact Krohn & Moss to know more about Washington State Lemon Laws.