Reviewing The Laws With A Family Attorney In Columbus, IN

In Indiana, divorce cases require the couple to forge an agreement. The terms of the agreement dictate specifics of the case. It defines which party gets key assets and if spousal support is needed. A party that doesn’t agree to the terms must contest the divorce. A Family Attorney in Columbus IN helps each party enforce their rights under family laws.

Reviewing Potential Divorce Grounds

First, the no-fault divorce grounds are an irretrievable breakdown or irreconcilable differences. The grounds indicate that no one is at fault for the divorce, and no party is assigning blame. The fault-based grounds including adultery, spousal abuse or intolerable cruelty, domestic violence, desertion, insanity, and incarceration. All fault-based grounds require the petitioner to present evidence.

The Divorce Agreement

First, the divorce agreement defines how all marital assets are divided among the two parties. It includes all assets accumulated during the marriage. Next, a plan is devised for the couple to manage debts incurred during the marriage. Income taxes and who claims minor children are discussed, and each party must fulfill their responsibilities.

Child custody and support arrangements are next. Joint custody means both parties have the right to make decisions about the children. Time is divided among the two parties equally if possible. Sole custody is awarded when there is a risk to the child. It gives one parent the right to make decisions about the child. Child support is calculated according to the income of both parties.

Alimony or spousal support is provided under certain circumstances. Typically, the payments are made when a spouse cannot support themselves financially. Some agreements allow the spouse to pay for an educational program instead of spousal support. In most cases, the alimony or support stops after the spouse remarries.

In Indiana, divorce cases help couples end their marriage as quickly as possible. The proceedings define why the marriage ended and which party gets child custody. If the parties don’t agree, mediation is scheduled to help the couple negotiate the terms. Couples who need help can contact a Family Attorney in Columbus IN at Alcorn Sage Schwartz & Magrath LLP or click here for more info now.