Reviewing A Dog Attack Under Personal Injury Law In Cleveland, TN

In Tennessee, dog attacks happen with an owner fails to maintain control over their dog. City ordinances require the dog owners to keep their pet vaccinated for rabies and use leashes when they are outside. A local attorney can help victims of a dog attack under Personal Injury Law in Cleveland TN.

Reporting the Attack

The victim must report the dog attack to the animal control officer. The officer will investigate the attack and determine if the dog is a risk to the public. He or she will also establish whether or not the dog owner violates the law.

Getting Credible Evidence

Credible evidence in a dog attack case starts with medical records. The victim’s medical records that detail their injuries are needed to support the case. The doctor must link the injuries to the attack and rule out other possible causes. Any witnesses that saw the dog attack can also testify for the victim.

When are Quarantines Needed?

A quarantine is needed if the dog wasn’t vaccinated. A licensed vet must evaluate the dog for rabies and determine if the dog has an aggressive temperament. The quarantine period is twelve days. The pet owner incurs the full cost of the quarantine period including overnight boarding costs and vaccinations. The animal control officer receives a report from the vet and decides whether or not the pet owner can get the dog back.

What are Strict Liabilities?

Strict liabilities apply if the dog was involved in previous attacks. Under the laws, the pet owner must follow measures to prevent a new attack if their dog is considered dangerous. A strict liability helps the victim acquire full compensation for their medical costs and compensation of tort-based rulings.

In Tennessee, dog attacks are caused by several reasons. Typically, a failure to prevent access to neighbors and visitors is the most common reason. However, trespassing, animal cruelty, and potential home invasions are also causes. Any victim who breaks the law and causes their own injuries won’t receive compensation. Victims who didn’t break the law and need help under Personal Injury Law in Cleveland TN are encouraged to contact Chancey-Kanavos or Browse the website right now.