Procedure and Process Can Win Cases for a Personal Injury Attorney in Reno, NV

Many times non-lawyers are surprised to find that a lot of the skill and lawyering evidenced in the profession comes from knowing and complying with the standards, procedures, and processes dictated by laws and regulations. Of course, there is always a place for innovative arguments and a strong strategy when it comes to winning a case. However, process and procedure are the true cornerstones of a great legal outcome. In fact, law schools teach entire courses on civil procedure.

Timing Is Everything

One of the most important aspects of procedure in civil and criminal cases is timing. A personal injury attorney in Reno, NV must know how long after an accident or injury a case can be filed in the state of Nevada to be valid. These are strict deadlines, and once the statute of limitations (the legal name for the amount of time a plaintiff can file a case) has run, it is impossible to file.

This seems straightforward; however, each type of case has a different statute of limitations and each state sets its own statute of limitations, meaning a lot of variables determine this essential timeframe. Frequently, in just a single conversation, a personal injury attorney will be able to tell you if your claim is still valid.

Filing the Right Claim and Request for Relief

Even more convoluted than the rules regarding statute of limitations is ensuring that the complaint filed includes the correct claims and requests for relief. A personal injury attorney must be certain that the facts of your case align with a valid, legal claim. As well, it can severely damage a case to request the wrong form of relief. Sadly, there are many legal decisions that were made on this basis and not on the possible merits of the cases.