Knowing When to Get in Touch With a Family Law Lawyer in Temecula Can Make the Difference

Not every marriage, of course, ends up being the way that the parties to it might have initially hoped. It is absolutely normal to encounter plenty of challenges as a marriage matures and develops, but sometimes it becomes clear that the arrangement itself cannot be salvaged. When tensions of these kinds become so apparent, it will normally be an excellent idea for the parties involved to get in touch with a Family Law Lawyer in Temecula to see what might be done. While it can seem as if working through a marriage without the assistance of attorneys could be productive, that can also result in the interests of a given person going without appropriate protection.

The fact is that arranging for counsel and representation is easy to do and does not need to be expensive, either. Attorneys like those at the Law Office of Michelle Penna will typically offer free consultations that can be used to lay out the facts and decide where to go from there. Those who click here will see that even a quick meeting of this kind can reveal how a person might best proceed in order to make sure that a marriage will be dissolved in the most productive possible way.

The most basic question that a Family Law Lawyer in Temecula will typically seek to answer for a client will be whether to pursue divorce or annulment. The former is far more common in practice and is available to married people in just about every case. Where the other party to a marriage entered it in bad faith, however, as with misrepresenting personal history or by being married to someone else already, an annulment will sometimes allow for an even cleaner break.

In either case, though, an attorney will be well positioned to make sure that a client’s interests are protected throughout the entire process. From fighting for a suitable division of assets to making sure that acceptable custody, visitation, and support arrangements are made, an attorney can help reduce the stress associated with what will typically be a fairly difficult process. When it becomes clear that a marriage cannot be saved, it will therefore often make good sense to look into obtaining such assistance.