Bitten By A Bad Dog? Talk To A Dog Bite Lawyer In Boston MA

Who ever said that dog is man’s best friend probably was never bitten by one. A dog bite can be a serious injury. It doesn’t matter if it’s a little dog or big, a bite is a bite and it can be dangerous. It is always suggested to err of the side of caution with a dog bite, as it can easily become infected, causing a multitude of additional problems, especially if the bacteria is resistant. Though it is the dog owner’s responsibility to keep their dog under control at all times, dogs can inadvertently get loose, even with the best of care. Additionally, there are always owners who allow their dogs to run loose, knowing it is against the law, and those who tend to tempt the fate by taking their “unfriendly dog” for a walk in a public area. No matter what the reason a dog bites a person, the owner is usually always liable for any damages or injuries their dog may cause. When bitten by a dog, if the dog’s owner is hesitant to compensate the injured party, it will be necessary to contact a Dog Bite Lawyer in Boston MA to ensure they receive the compensation they are entitled to.

The dog’s owner is generally responsible for any medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and even any scarring left by the dog bite. Medical care is of utmost importance if the bite has broken the skin. Surprisingly, a dog bite doesn’t have to break the skin to be considered “a bite.” Of course, if the skin is broken, it is imperative that proof of the dog’s immunizations be provided. Additionally, many doctors will suggest a tetanus shot for the injured, if the bite was a puncture. Of course, the owner is liable for all the medical bills incurred and a Dog Bite Lawyer in Boston MA will ensure this happens.

In many dog bite cases, the owner’s homeowner’s liability or renter’s insurance will cover the dog bite expenses. By allowing the insurance company to deal with an attorney, such as one from the Law Offices Of Burton J. Hass, the injured is assured they are receiving the compensation they deserve. When man’s best friend gets a bit snippy, don’t let it go. Talk to a dog bite attorney and hold the owner responsible.