Managing a Dog Attack Through a Personal Injury Lawyer in Waldorf, MD

by | Oct 30, 2018 | Personal Injury

In Maryland, dog owners must follow specific steps to prevent an attack. The city ordinances require the pet owner to follow leash laws and install outdoor enclosures. The strategies are used to prevent access to neighbors and others in the vicinity. A personal injury lawyer in Waldorf, MD assists victims who were attacked by an unsecured dog.

Reviewing Vaccination Records

After a dog attack is reported, the animal control officer inquires about the vaccination records. All dogs must be vaccinated for the rabies virus. Any pet owner who doesn’t vaccinate their dog faces a fine issued by the county. They are also liable if the victim of the attack contracts rabies.

The Risk to the Public

The animal control officer must asses the risk to the public. Any dog that wasn’t vaccinated for rabies is sent for a quarantine. The licensed vet evaluates the pet and determines if the dog is dangerous. Any dog that is deemed a risk to the public is euthanized. Otherwise, the dog is released to their owner.

Any Previous Attacks

A history of previous attacks leads to strict liability for the pet owner. In some jurisdictions, the court could impose criminal charges against the pet owner. In most instances, the pet owner must provide a financial award, as well as tort-based settlements. The animal control officer reviews records for the dog and informs the victim if there is a previous record.

A Full Assessment of the Victim’s Injuries

A doctor performs a complete assessment of the victim’s injuries. The severity level of the injuries could determine if any criminal charges apply. The injuries also define the total value of the projected award for the victim. The assessment also defines the impact the injuries have on the victim’s life.

In Maryland, dog owners must have precautions to lower the potential for an attack. The pet owner must follow city ordinances and vaccination laws to lower risks to their neighbors and visitors. An attorney could assist individuals who are injured due to the pet owner’s failures. Victims of a dog attack who need a personal injury lawyer in Waldorf, MD can find more information here now.

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