How A Social Security Attorney Can Help

If you are suffering from a disability and are in need of a disability attorney in Missouri, consider using the Grundy Disability Group founded by Attorney Matthew R. Grundy. Grundy has been focusing on Social Security Disability and SSI disability law in the Kansas City area for more than 12 years. He represents claimants from his offices in Liberty, Missouri.

We understand how difficult it can be to suffer from a condition that prevents you from working. The inability to provide for yourself or your family can be financially devastating and morally discouraging. Grundy Disability Group is dedicated to providing assistance to those who need guidance and support during this difficult time in their lives. Our lawyers strive to make this time as easy as possible and will do their best to create a low-stress filing process that gets you want. The lawyers will guide you through the mazes of the law and will work closely with you to ensure that your paper work is properly filled out, that documentation is done according to code, and that your claim is filed as efficiently as possible.

For those who have filed a claim and been denied benefits, don’t panic! It does not matter if the original claim was filed by the client, another disability attorney in Missouri or by the Grundy Disability Group. The lawyer in charge of your case will strive to determine why the claim was rejected and re-file after correcting any errors. The Grundy Disability Group will stop at nothing until you are successful in receiving the benefits you deserve.

For filing for disability benefits, it is paramount to rely on a team of lawyers who have your back and who are determined to fight for your rights. Grundy Disability Group lawyers have an outstanding reputation for helping clients receive the all benefits they so desperately need. Trust us to be there for you the same way we were there for every other client whom we have assisted successfully for the past 12 years.

Grundy Disability Group has your back when no one else does.