Questions to Ask Prior to Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney in Kenosha, WI

When it is time to hire a Personal Injury Attorney in Kenosha WI it is important to understand that no two people are created equal. Taking some time to find the right attorney for the job is going to pay off in the long run. When considering options, there are certain questions that should be asked to ensure the right person for the job is found and hired.

How long has the attorney been practicing in this area of law?

Many attorneys spend years practicing another type of law prior to representing personal injury cases. This is why it is so important to ask this question. It is paramount to find a personal injury attorney in Kenosha WI that has prior experience representing these types of cases. Without at least a few years in, an attorney may not fully understand the laws or requirements for these cases.

How often do they communicate with clients?

When facing any type of personal injury situation, being able to speak with the attorney hired as needed is important. Be sure to ask the attorney how often they provide updates regarding the case and how easy it is to get them on the phone. While hiring a busy attorney means they are good and in high demand, it is important not to hire an attorney that is so busy they won’t be able to provide ample attention to the case at hand.

What is the attorney’s fee?

While there are caps on what an attorney can charge, many people don’t realize that the number a lawyer gives them is negotiable. A person should take some time to negotiate with the attorney to get the amount they want down. This will help to increase the amount of money that the victim actually receives.

Hiring a personal injury attorney is serious business. If a person does not take the time to ask the right questions, it may mean they hire the wrong person. More information about hiring a quality attorney can be found by contacting the staff at Schoone Leuck Kelley Pitts & Pitts SC. Taking some time to ensure a person fully knows the lawyer’s terms will ensure they hire the right person for the job.