Services Offered By a Criminal Defense Attorney in Mount Vernon WA

Crimes vary in the degree of their severity. Typical criminal cases range from simple misdemeanors to capital felonies that carry a severe punishment. In all the cases, whether the accused is innocent or guilty, there is the need to hire a professional Criminal Defense Attorney Mount Vernon WA. They provide the following services.

A criminal attorney’s role commences from the pre-trial period. This is essentially the most important stage in criminal procedure, hence the need to consult a lawyer immediately you are suspected of a crime. It is wise to retain a lawyer during the investigative period of the case. In such instances, the attorney offers guidance on how to maneuver through the delicate aspects while ensuring that your freedoms and rights are upheld and ensuring that due process is followed.

During the pre-trial period, the attorney is charged with the sole responsibility of locating loopholes in the case so presented. The loopholes may include challenging the improper procedures used and insufficient evidence. In addition, the lawyer works towards ensuring that the accused avoids being remanded pending trial by applying for a bail. In some cases, however, there may be insurmountable evidence against the client. In such cases, the lawyer is equipped with the knowledge to push for a favorable plea bargain.

The primary responsibility of a criminal defense lawyer at this time is to analyze the case at hand, identify the strengths, weaknesses and the options available and lay out a solid defense strategy. This includes discussion on the pros and cons of pleading guilty, especially in cases where there is a plea bargain allocation. The services offered by Criminal Defense Attorney in Mount Vernon WA during the pre-trial period include representation during the standard trial stage. This covers jury selection, opening statements and witness questioning. In cases where you lose the case, your legal counsel may apply for an appeal to challenge the decision of the court.

In some instances, the lawyer is unable to get the client off during the pretrial process, especially in cases where the evidence is solid and available. In this case, the case may proceed to trial. It is important to retain the services of the lawyer during this period. Ignorance and complete lack of knowledge about the court procedures and available options can lead to severe punishments that include hefty fines and long sentences. Contact Gilbert & Gilbert Lawyers Inc for more informatrion.