How Do Insurance Companies Settle Personal Injury Claims?

When you treat a patient after a car accident, you may find you need to file a personal injury protection insurance claim in order to get paid. However, the insurance company may also offer to settle the amount. How do you know you are being offered a fair amount for the services you have provided? In addition to working with a personal injury insurance lawyer in Jacksonville, you should be aware of how they typically come to a settlement.

Investigating the Claim

First and foremost, the insurance company will want to investigate the claim. This means reviewing medical records and determining the cause of injuries and whether they were the result of the accident in question. It’s important to work with a personal injury insurance lawyer in Jacksonville to make sure you present the right information to the insurance company for an accurate investigation.

Determining the Value of the Case

After evaluating the case, the insurance company must place a value on the claim. It may seem as simple as looking at the cost of the care you provided. However, this isn’t how settlements are typically determined. There are several factors that go into valuation, including how likely it is the claimant will win if the case were to go to trial with a personal injury insurance lawyer in Jacksonville on their side. In many cases, if your medical charges are considered “soft,” meaning they could be needed outside of the injuries suffered in the accident, the adjuster may reduce the award to compensate.

Getting paid for medical care provided in accident cases can be difficult, especially when dealing with personal injury protection insurance. It’s important to make sure you have an attorney on your side to help you get the payments you require.