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by | Aug 29, 2017 | Lawyer

Worker’s compensation insurance is meant to protect injured workers and their employers. It offers wage replacement and medical benefits for injured workers and protects employers from being sued by their injured employees. Those who have been seriously injured on the job are encouraged to meet with a Workers Comp Lawyer in Winnebago County IL.

How Can a Worker’s Compensation Lawyer Help?

Serious injuries can sometimes occur on the job. Although there are certain types of employment that are more dangerous than others, any employee is at risk for being injured while on the job. Meeting with a lawyer allows an injured worker the help they need to protect their rights.

Although the employee cannot sue their employer, a lawyer can offer much more help than a lawsuit. The lawyer will work to guide their client through the worker’s compensation process and will deal with the insurance adjuster on behalf of their injured client.

Some injured workers end up being denied their claim, even though they are deserving of worker’s compensation benefits. When this happens, it is especially important a worker seeks the help of a Workers Comp Lawyer in Winnebago County IL. A lawyer will help their client through the appeal’s process so they can receive the benefits they deserve.

Injured Workers Need an Advocate

An injured worker should never have to fight their injury claim alone. Although not all work injuries require the help of a lawyer, the following circumstances merit seeking help:

  • The employer refuses to file a claim with their insurance company.
  • The insurance company has denied the claim.
  • The injured worker has previous injuries.
  • The injured worker has a third-party claim.
  • The injured worker suffered retaliation from their employer.

If any of the above is true, it behooves an injured worker to schedule a consultation with a lawyer. Many lawyers offer free consultations and contingency agreements which mean the injured worker does not have to pay unless they win their claim.

Call Right Away

If you are finding it difficult to pursue your worker’s compensation claim, contact us for legal assistance. With an appointment, you can get started protecting your rights.

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