Guide to Hiring a Truck Accident Attorney in Norwich, CT

When Connecticut drivers experience an automobile accident, they are left nursing injuries and wondering if they should hire an attorney. Accidents with commercials trucks are very different than an average automobile accident. Because these accidents are very complex and usually involve significant injuries, it is crucial to hire a skilled truck accident attorney in Norwich, CT to assist with your claim. Continue reading for the steps to take after being in an accident involving a commercial truck.

Report the Crash

Everyone involved in the crash needs to remain at the scene. Move vehicles off the road as safely as possible and notify the police of the accident. Call 911 immediately if a death or injury has occurred. The responding officer will assess the situation and give instructions about the next steps.

Exchange Information

While waiting for the authorities to arrive, identify each party involved in the crash and exchange information with them. Document the drivers’ names, addresses, contact information, insurance company and policy information, and information about the truck driver, such as their license information, and the name and their employer’s contact information.

Document the Accident

Identify witnesses and obtain their contact information for future use. Take photos of the vehicles involved with a phone or camera to use as evidence to help prove which party was at-fault for the accident. Photographic evidence can help to establish the extent of damages and to make sense of an accident.

Seek Medical Care

Individuals need to seek medical care after an accident regardless of whether they believe they were injured or not. It is possible that adrenaline is masking the signs of an injury. Additionally, failing to seek medical care after an accident could limit an individual’s ability to seek compensation for injuries at a later date. Take photographs of any injuries periodically to document the progress of the recovery and to show how long the recovery took.

Seek Legal Advice

Truckers must follow specific regulations, and both the drivers and their employers can be held financially liable for damages after an accident. Their insurance company will want to quickly settle a case, so it is essential to speak carefully in the first few days when dealing with the insurance companies. Seek legal advice to avoid making a costly mistake. For more information about how a truck accident attorney in Norwich, CT can benefit your case, Visit the website or contact Stephen M. Reck.