Do You Need To Hire A Texas Lemon Law Attorney?

Vehicle buyers in Texas are protected under the Texas Lemon Law. In the event your new car chronically malfunctions and the vehicle manufacturer fails to comply with the law, you have every right to hire a Texas Lemon Law attorney and pursue a claim.

The Texas Lemon Law is similar to the Lemon Laws enacted across the country. If you buy a new car that is seriously flawed and the flaw is covered by the new car warranty and, most importantly, cannot be repaired after a certain number of tries, you are entitled to either a new car or a refund of the price you paid.

There are some complexities to the Lemon Law in Texas, be aware that all documentation that might be used in the future to support a claim is your responsibility.

What is the Texas Lemon Law?

To qualify as an the vehicle must meet certain standards, which include.

  • The number of attempts to repair the defect
  • The number of days the car was out of service, and
  • The seriousness of the defect

Repair attempts: You must prove that four attempts were made to repair the defect over a two year period and they all failed to rectify the problem.

  • 2 attempts were made in the first year (or 12,000 miles), and
  • 2 more attempts were made in the second year or a further 12,000 miles

Service: If the car was out of service for a total of 30 days in the first 2 years and there were two failed attempts to repair the defect and the dealer failed to provide a service vehicle during the period, it can qualify as a lemon.

Serious safety hazard: If the defect is such that it can result in serious injuries or death and it was in for repairs one time in the first year and a second time in the same year and the problem persists, the vehicle is a lemon.

If your new car meets any of these criteria you can expect a new car or a refund of your money. If the manufacturer fails to respond in a timely fashion you should hire a Texas Lemon Law attorney.

With the inherent complexity of the Lemon Law in Texas, you may find that a Texas Lemon Law attorney is needed to ensure that the vehicle manufacturer upholds his end of the law. You are invited to visit where you will find a listing of trusted Texas Lemon Law attorneys.