Legal Action When You Suffer An Injury

There are many people that have been injured due to negligence on the part of another person or entity that are of the opinion that seeking compensation is open and shut, hence they try to save themselves money by representing themselves in court. If the incident is truly minor, this approach may be valid but if the injuries received were serious and there was considerable property damage, then the able assistance of a seasoned Waukegan personal injury lawyer is a must. People may be lulled into thinking that the law is simple, it is not; the law is phenomenally complex and any unschooled individual may end up doing their case more harm than good.

Insurance companies are not easy to deal with:

When you pursue a personal injury lawsuit you are going to go head to head with one or more insurance companies. Never forget that insurance adjusters have one thing in mind when reviewing a claim; saving money for the company they work for. Insurance adjusters think nothing of approaching you; even you have suffered significant injury. They will ask many questions in an effort to get a statement from you that can be used against you either during negotiations or in court. You will invariably be offered a settlement of some sort, but only if you agree not to pursue any legal action. The offer might even look good but don’t even consider accepting it before you consult with a Waukegan personal injury lawyer.

Legal fees:

Most personal injury law firms will accept your case based on contingency. This simply means that you will not have any up front legal fees to be concerned with; your Waukegan personal injury lawyer will be paid once the case has been settled in your favor. The fee is something that is negotiated between you and the lawyer. There may be small fees that need paying during the course of the action but these are usually of little consequence when you consider what a seasoned personal injury lawyer can do for you.

If you suffer injury which was caused by an act of negligence on the part of another person or entity you should engage the professional services of a Waukegan personal injury lawyer. To discuss your case in detail you are invited to contact the Shea Law Group. Like us on our facebook page.