A Family Law Lawyer in Blue Springs MO Helps When Spouses Want a Trial Separation

by | Nov 7, 2017 | Lawyer

Sometimes a married couple wants to live apart for a while but is not sure about divorce yet. They may still hope to work things out but feel that living together right now is too stressful. A Family Law Lawyer in Blue Springs MO can help this couple set up a legal separation document to be filed with the court. This is particularly important if the two have a significant amount of shared assets or if they have children.


Couples must think very carefully about their situation before they decide to separate. A temporary separation can indeed bring a new positive outlook on the relationship, but it also can drive couples further apart. One spouse may drift away while meeting new people and experiencing the possibility of a new romantic interest.

It is difficult to know the percentage of trial separations that are successful the marriage and those that end in divorce. A large majority of the couple who file for legal separation never get back together, but they may not have intended to in the first place. Couples have many reasons for choosing legal separation instead of divorce.

Financial Reasons to Stay Married

For instance, a spouse may want a Family Law Lawyer in Blue Springs MO to file this paperwork because there are strong financial reasons to stay married for now. They may own a house in a very depressed housing market and want to wait until the local economy picks up before selling the place. If they are reaching the age at which Social Security retirement benefits are available, they may agree to stay married for now. In a year or so, a spouse who might struggle financially without those monthly checks can sign up.

Long Legal Separations

Some couples decide to stay legally separated for a long time after having the paperwork filed by an organization such as Dana Outlaw Law Office. If neither wants to remarry and they remain on friendly terms, they may see no reason to divorce, especially if there are financial advantages to staying legally wed. The terms of the separation agreement should include clarifying who is responsible for previous debt and absolving each spouse of future debt the other takes on.

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