Workers Compensation Lawyers in Melbourne FL Help When People Receiving Benefits Haven’t Reported Additional Income

People receiving workers compensation can run into trouble if they begin earning money while still obtaining benefits. Regulations about these laws can be explained by Workers Compensation Lawyers in Melbourne FL. These attorneys also may be able to help if the insurer stopped paying benefits after learning that the claimant is working again, even on a limited part-time basis or just for cash.

The Conflict

When a claimant does not report a change in the work situation to the organization paying benefits, the insurer may view this as fraudulent activity. The insurance company will want verification of what type of work this person has been doing, how many hours it has been performed each week, and how much money is being earned. Workers Compensation Lawyers in Melbourne FL will need documentation that they can send to the insurer for evaluation.

What the Law Says

Florida state law says that a person can receive these benefits and still keep working if the income is below 80 percent of the income being earned before the injury. One purpose of workers comp is to pay people for lost income, so benefit checks will make up for most of the difference. If the disability is permanent, the person may be eligible for complementary retraining and additional education.

Income Considerations

Some people want to get back to work as quickly as possible, even if they are earning a lower hourly wage than they normally would. They should carefully consider whether they would have more income by accepting their full worker’s comp benefits instead of taking on a part-time job. The choice is up to the individual; some are willing to have a lower income for a while if they see an advantage in a particular part-time job.

Concluding Thoughts

A person who has been working without reporting income while also receiving benefits will probably need help from a law firm such as Matheson, Horowitz & Devonmille. In the worst-case scenario, legal issues could arise because of alleged fraudulent activity. Another possibility would be the person’s benefits cut off because of the non-reporting, even though the income is much lower than it used to be.