How a Personal Injury Attorney in Green Bay WI Helps With Libel and Slander

Most people understand that personal injury cases include when a person is physically injured by another person through negligence. However, a personal injury case is any case where a person sustains damages because of another person. This can include libel and slander. A person who has had their reputation damaged by another person can contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Green Bay WI for help.

What are Libel and Slander?

Libel and slander are untrue statements spoken or written about a person or business that causes damage to their reputation. Typically, the damage to their reputation will result in a loss of business, an inability to get a job, or other issues for the victim. Although the two are often confused, libel is a written statement and slander is a spoken statement. The statement must be untrue for the victim to be able to obtain compensation as the statement being the truth is a valid defense to a lawsuit for libel or slander.

What are the Damages?

The damages can vary based on what occurred as the result of libel or slander. If the person is unable to find a job because of it, for instance, they might be able to make a claim for lost wages. The length of time they can claim lost wages for will vary based on the degree to which the libel or slander impacts them. The amount of lost wages can vary based on how much they are able to earn and how much they should be able to earn.

How Can an Attorney Help?

An attorney can help the victim prove there was a statement made that was libelous or slanderous and that the statement had a profound impact on the victim. They can help determine the amount of compensation needed to make the person whole again and can help the person obtain the full amount of compensation based on their damages from the statement.

If you believe your reputation has been irreparably damaged because of something another person has said or written about you, it’s a good idea to contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Green Bay WI for a consultation today. Visit the Website for a local lawyer to obtain more information and to discuss your case to see if you can obtain compensation for the damages this has caused.