A Bonding Agency in Lakeland Helps Customers Maintain Their Constitutional Rights

The ability to be released on bail is one aspect of the criminal justice system that stirs up controversy on more than one side. Victims of violent crimes and victim advocates are against the possibility of violent offenders being released on bail.

Bail advocates want to see an end to cash bail altogether or a significant modification of the system. In the meantime, a bail Bonding Agency in Lakeland quietly provides service to defendants who cannot afford cash bail, as being released before trial is their Constitutional right.

The Setting of Bail

Court judges may deny the right to pretrial release to defendants who have been charged with the most serious felonies or who are viewed as flight risks. In contrast, others may be released on their own recognizance without being required to pay bail. The court believes these defendants will appear in court as required and not try to dodge this legal obligation.

Most defendants are between these two points, being required to pay a certain amount of bail or to post a bond before being released. A Bonding Agency in Lakeland provides the surety bonds necessary for release.

Waiting for the Arraignment

The defendant may choose to stay in jail until the arraignment hearing, at which time the defense lawyer can argue for reduced bail if the amount is steep. That also affects the service fee for bonding, since that fee is a specific percentage of the cash bail. This can be a favorable strategy if the individual feels able to wait.

Arranging for Release

Being arrested and taken to jail is scary. The person suddenly has some big problems to deal with, including figuring out how to deal with the charges and how to get out of jail as quickly as possible. A 24/7 Licensed Bondsman often is the answer, since they provide service at all times.

As long as the bail amount has been set in a schedule or by a judge, the paperwork can be completed quickly and a surety bond posted promptly by an organization such as Zona Long Bail Bonds. The main delays occur when a judge must set bail and the arrest occurs outside of normal courthouse hours.