A Personal Injury Attorney in Milledgeville, GA Can Help You

There are many people all over the United States who get hurt on a regular basis through no fault of their own. When that happens, the people will try to file a personal injury lawsuit to be awarded damages for the expenses they will incur seeing doctors and missing work. A personal injury attorney in Milledgeville, GA helps people who have suffered from a personal injury of some type. Here is a look at some of the laws regarding personal injury law and cases in the state of Georgia.

A Look at Personal Injury Law in Georgia

Many opportunities exist that may lead to a person suffering a personal injury, such as slipping or falling in a store, getting hurt by a machine at work, or being bitten by a dog. When these things happen, the injured person will have two years from the date of the accident and injury to file a personal injury lawsuit in a civil court. If the lawsuit is not filed in that time period, any opportunity to have the case heard will likely be gone.

More About Personal Injury Law in Georgia

It is possible that the defendant will try to prove that the injured party played some part in the cause of the accident, also known as a comparative fault rule. In Georgia, this rule is modified and means that any percentage the injured party is found at fault will be reduced from any damages that the injured party may receive. In some cases, the injured party might not collect anything even though an injury has been caused. It is important to get an attorney with experience to help keep this from happening.

A Law Firm in Milledgeville, Georgia

An injured person in Georgia can find many law firms that specialize in personal injury cases and who will also take the case. Edwards & Bullard Law is a law firm located in the Milledgeville, Georgia area that helps clients with personal injury cases. Anyone looking for a personal injury attorney in Milledgeville, GA can contact this law firm and visit their website, Eblawga.com, for more information.

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