Obtaining Pretrial Release With the Assistance of a Bail Bond Agency in Citrus County

A Bail Bond Agency in Citrus County helps defendants who have been arrested obtain pretrial release from jail. Without this option, men and women who cannot afford cash bail are at risk of losing their jobs, home and custody of children.

Time Frame

The process usually is speedy, with agency paperwork completed in about an hour. It can take longer if the agency requires collateral or the customer needs to set up a payment arrangement for the service fee. That fee typically is 10 percent of the cash bail, and not everyone has the funds readily available. Release from jail can occur within an hour after the bond is posted, but it also can take up to 48 hours, depending on how busy this particular jail is.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Higher bail amounts generally are set for more serious offenses. A Bail Bond Agency in Citrus County focuses on the premise that U.S. residents are considered innocent until proven guilty or pleading guilty. The agents help these men and women be released from jail when they cannot afford cash bail. Without this service, those defendants would have to stay behind bars until the case ends. This is what happens in states that do not have bail bond agencies.

An Outdated System

The Justice Policy Institute explains that the entire concept of monetary bail is outdated and ineffective. It discriminates against poor and low-income men and women, and it does not improve public safety. Nevertheless, the mechanism of change for the U.S. justice system works very slowly, with only a small number of jurisdictions having eliminated cash bail. Family owned and operated bail bonds services continue to assist defendants who could not otherwise secure their pretrial release.

Nearly half a million defendants are in jail throughout the country without having been convicted of the offense. Some are being held without the option of bail because the charges are for very serious offenses. Most, however, simply could not come up with the money or collateral to satisfy the court’s demand for bail. Zona Long Bail Bonds provides an option for men and women in the Citrus County region.