You Need an Attorney for These 3 Areas of Family Law in Green Bay, WI

Family law encompasses any matters related to family issues, and you do not have to be married or blood relatives for a case to fall under this area of Wisconsin laws. While many families believe that they can work through matters on their own, often lawyers are needed to ensure fair and equitable outcomes. Here are three types of family law cases that should be handled by a lawyer whose specialty is family law in Green Bay, WI.

Child Custody and Child Support Issues

Child custody and child support are often related to divorces, but there are many other situations where these two matters need to be settled by a court. An attorney should represent you in child custody and child support cases because the laws can be complex, and you need to understand how the judge comes to a determination about support and custody.

Paternity Matters

Paternity cases often rise from child support and custody cases. If you are being held responsible for a care and welfare of a child that may not be yours, you can file a paternity case in court. A family law lawyer helps you present your case and evidence to the court.

Prenuptial Agreements and Divorce

Prenuptial agreements are put in place before a couple gets married and outlines the settlement of assets and other matters should the couple divorce. These types of agreements must be very specific, and you want to ensure that your best interests are represented in the document.

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