Entrusting Your Case to a Personal Injury Lawyer in Wetumpka, AL.

The laws in your state allow you to take legal action against anyone who causes you to suffer injuries in an accident. However, taking any meaningful action can be more than you are qualified to handle on your own. You may have no idea of how to file a lawsuit in court.

Rather than allow the responsible party to walk away with no liability at all, you can hire a legal team to represent you in and out of court. You can start by retaining an experienced personal injury lawyer in Wetumpka, AL. today.

Starting the Action

Your legal team can start the process by filing a claim against that individual’s insurance company. If the person or the insurer does not pay your claim, you can then have your attorney file a lawsuit to sue either, or both, for financial and punitive damages.

Once the lawsuit gets filed in court, it holds that person responsible for answering either by going to trial against you and risking the court making a judgment or by offering you a settlement. If the person decides to offer a settlement, he or she can have his or her insurer or lawyer vet that offer through your attorney’s law firm.

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