You Don’t Need to Live in Fear with the Help of Domestic Violence Lawyers in Temecula

Domestic violence can occur between partners that live or formerly lived together like a parent and a child, a boyfriend or girlfriend, two individuals that have a child in common, or cohabitants. Violence is defined when an individual causes or attempts to cause the other person to suffer a physical injury.

If an individual sexually assaults the other, makes an individual fear they’re in danger of immediate or serious physical injury, strikes, batters, stalks, or harasses them, it is considered domestic violence. For an individual to gain protection, they should speak with domestic violence lawyers in Temecula as soon as possible.

When Can Domestic Violence Happen?

Domestic violence can happen at any time, but there are increased incidences when a relationship is ending. This could be a marriage, two people cohabitating, or when one individual doesn’t want to be with the other during a dating relationship. Domestic violence can be verbal assault as well as a physical assault or fear.

What Happens If Someone Is Being Abused but It Doesn’t Fit into a Domestic Violence Category?

If an individual doesn’t fit into the relationship test of domestic violence, domestic violence lawyers in Temecula can also help the victim obtain a civil harassment order against the abusive individual. These types of orders work well for the elderly or a dependent adult to protect them from abuse.

What Types of Domestic Violence Orders Are There?

There are emergency protection orders that can be issued after the police respond to a domestic violence call, and a judge could issue an order even after normal business hours. These orders normally last for seven days until a hearing can be held in front of a judge when one individual pleads their case to the court. A temporary restraining order will be issued in court, and an order will be issued after a full hearing if the judge feels an individual is in danger.

The Law Office of Michelle Penna represents victims of domestic violence. Order from the court gives an individual another layer of protection against the abuser, who can be arrested for violating it. Please click here to learn how to protect yourself from abuse.