Why Should Consumers Contact a Loan Modification Law Firm?

by | Apr 3, 2017 | Lawyers and Law Firms

In Maryland, consumers need help when they are facing serious legal actions such as repossession or foreclosures. These legal actions can lead to the seizure of the property and negative impacts on their credit. To lower these risks, the consumer could get a loan modification. The following are details about why a consumer should contact a loan modification law firm.

Preventing Foreclosure of the Home

The top reason for a loan modification is to prevent the foreclosure of a home. The most common reasons for this action is an inability to make the mortgage payments in a timely manner. If a borrower misses at least three month’s payments, the lender can start the foreclosure process and take the property. To avoid this action, an attorney can read through the contract to determine if any predatory lending practices are present.

Stopping a Repossession

An auto loan can also lead to repossession of the vehicle. However, if the terms of the loan don’t follow federal laws, the attorney can demand a modification. The attorney can force the lender to provide the consumer with a more appropriate interest rate and payment structure.

Reducing the Damage to the Consumer’s Credit

The loan modification law firm can help the borrower prevent damage to their credit. If for any reason the consumer cannot pay, they should see the advice of an attorney to mitigate certain risks. If they need a forbearance for the loan, the attorney can demand this action on their behalf.

Preventing the Need for Bankruptcy

The consumer could achieve these aspirations through bankruptcy. However, they would have to qualify based on their income. For some consumers, this isn’t an option due to their income. For others, the strict guidelines for these claims could present event further issues that create more hardships.

In Maryland, consumers face consequences based on an inability to fulfill a loan contract. These consequences are, most often, foreclosure and repossession. The actions lead to the seizure of property and a debt that prevents consumers from making purchases in the future. Consumers who need to contact a loan modification law firm can visit website for more details today.

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