Hiring The Workers Compensation Lawyers In Melbourne, FL

Are you entitled to workers compensation benefits? Those who are injured on the job may be entitled to benefits. There are three main eligibility requirements. First, the employer must have workers compensation insurance or is supposed to. Not all companies are required to carry the coverage. In most states, companies with three or more employers must be covered. On the other hand, some states say employers with just one employee must be covered. Additionally, charities are exempt in many states.

The next requirement is that the worker is indeed an employee. There may be a question because independent contractors are not covered. It is not unusual for businesses to use the services of freelance workers. Consult the Workers Compensation Lawyers in Melbourne FL if there is a dispute. Many companies try to say workers are not employees after injuries occur. These disputes may center around how much supervision the worker has. Finally, the injury must be work-related. Further, a worker may have an illness that comes from the job. An example would be an asbestos-related lung condition. Domestic workers, undocumented workers, and farm laborers are often not covered.

What benefits are you entitled to? The Workers Compensation Lawyers in Melbourne FL explain the benefits to clients. Injured workers are entitled to a weekly check. The amount of the check is based on some portion of the worker’s income. Additionally, the worker’s comp insurer must pay all injury-related medical bills. Indeed, the insurer has to pay mileage for the employee’s trips to the doctor. Likewise, the company must provide transportation for employees who cannot drive. Any and all medical tests and prescriptions are also covered.

Employees are generally given drug tests after an injury occurs. That is because the insurer will not pay if the worker was intoxicated. In addition, no benefits will be paid if the injury was the employee’s fault. For example, two workers get into a fight, and one gets injured. Injured workers are also entitled to payment for any injury that is permanent in nature. State law governs the compensation for permanent injuries. Workers who need more information should contact Matheson, Horowitz & Devonmille.