Why Hire a DUI Lawyer in Rockwall TX?

Getting arrested for DUI charges could be very distressing for a person and could affect their life immensely; the detention process, penalties, cancelation of his or her driver’s license and other charges under this law could be difficult to deal with. It is not possible to properly defend yourself against these charges without the help of a lawyer in Rockwall TX. A qualified and reputable DUI lawyer can be a savior in these situations. Here are just a few of the advantages of hiring a DUI lawyer…

The first and main advantage of hiring a DUI lawyer is that he / she will give reputable advice and valuable tips that could save a person from self-incriminating themselves. A DUI attorney can help their client understand the legal system, so he or she obtains the best possible outcome. A good lawyer will go to where the incident took place and collect all the valuable evidence to defend their client. If the officer files serious charges against a person, the lawyer takes full responsibility for reducing the possible sentences.

A skilled lawyer in Rockwall TX will fight for a person’s legal rights and will work hard to find a legal solution to reduce the severity of the charges made against that person, thus safeguarding your personal and professional life. Most U.S. states consider a DWI or DUI a serious criminal offense and, so anyone who is convicted of these charges could lose his / her driver’s license. This is, in addition to, enormous penalties, serving a jail sentence, and so on. Along with criminal penalties, a person could also face administrative sanctions.

If the driver tested positive for alcohol consumption, and if that number exceeds the 0.08 blood alcohol limit, then he / she could face serious charges. One thing to keep in mind is that the driver is not only charged, but the passenger could also face legal sanctions. This is because the court can determine that the owner or the passenger allowed the driver to get behind the wheel knowing that the driver is drunk or intoxicated. Contact the Law Offices of Tim Hartley or Click Here to learn more.