Mediation Is Often The Best Way To Resolve A Dispute – Find Out More From An Attorney In LaGrange, Indiana

Going to court is not always the best way to resolve a dispute. Lawsuits are complicated, lengthy and expensive. Mediation offers both parties an opportunity to compromise and reach a mutually acceptable solution.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a structured process that allows people to resolve their differences in a confidential, non-adversarial venue. The court may order two parties to try to solve their problem with mediation, or they may decide for themselves to try mediation. In Indiana, a registered civil mediator helps the parties to come to an agreement. The mediator is neutral, explaining the legal issues to both parties. All decisions are made by the individuals involved in the dispute. The best solution is one that satisfies both sides.

The Benefits of Mediation

• The parties are empowered to make decisions and cooperate.

• Confidentiality is preserved.

• Both time and money are saved.

• Hostility is reduced, making it easier to save the relationship.

• Working together to find a creative solution is encouraged.

When is the Best Time for Mediation?

Sooner is better. The longer a disagreement continues, the more likely that both sides will set their positions in stone and be unwilling to work toward a solution. Mediation shouldn’t be saved as a last resort. The mediation process can begin at any time, whether or not a lawsuit has been filed.

How Long Should Mediation Take?

It’s impossible to say since it depends upon the complexity of the issues needing resolution. However, it should take less time than going to court. Some disputes can be resolved in only a day.

What Issues can be Resolved with Mediation?

Almost any dispute can benefit from the mediation process. Mediation is frequently used to resolve business and public policy matters.

• Civil mediators handle issues that would otherwise have to go through the courts, including real estate problems, personal injury cases, property damage claims, inheritance disputes and contract disagreements.

• Family mediators deal with many issues, including divorce, custody and support problems, family disputes, adoption, elder care and premarital agreements.

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