Why Clients Should Hire a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Grand Rapids MI

by | Feb 10, 2017 | Lawyer

A DIYer can change their oil or paint their porch, but filing for bankruptcy is a different matter. Just as a doctor needs certain skills and lengthy education, most bankruptcy transactions require the assistance of a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Grand Rapids MI. In this guide, readers can learn several reasons why pro se bankruptcy isn’t a good idea.

Legal Fees can be Avoided, But Debt Relief May Disappear

Many people believe they can avoid high legal fees by filing for bankruptcy without help. While a client may be able to save a few thousand dollars, they may come out on the losing end if they don’t get full debt relief. An incomplete process can result in the client paying thousands in debts that could have been reduced or eliminated.

Creditor Challenges are Tough

Bankruptcy is about more than filling and filing forms. Creditor challenges can be hard to deal with, even for the most experienced client. If a creditor files a challenge, the client must prepare rebuttal statements that provide valid points under which debts can be eliminated. Even if the client is 100% right, if they don’t know how to write legal documents, they can end up being responsible for the debt.

Bankruptcy Petitions are Complex

Some legal matters can easily be handled without a lawyer. However, bankruptcy petitions can be dozens of pages long, and every phrase must comply with the bankruptcy code. If anything is left out, or there’s a misstatement or error, it matters little to the court. When a client chooses to file without a here, they must conduct themselves and prepare documents just as an attorney would.

Bankruptcy Requires Knowledge and Experience

From knowing how to schedule court dates to knowing how to respond to creditor challenges, to filing the petition, an experienced lawyer knows how to handle it all. Most people don’t have the skills and tools to cope in the courtroom, and filing without legal counsel can increase a client’s chances of a discharge denial, case dismissal or other undesirable outcomes. Visit ok to learn more or to schedule a consultation.

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