Why a Hit and Run Accident Lawyer in Hailey, ID Is Needed

Individuals like to think the best of others. However, there are situations where a person may do something wrong and leave the scene of the crime. This may be done for a variety of reasons, but whatever the reason is, it always leaves the injured party holding the bag. To ensure this does not happen when a vehicle has been damaged in a hit and run accident, the victim of this incident needs to seek legal help. A hit and run accident lawyer in Hailey, ID can be of great help at this time. What are the responsibilities of the driver and the victim following an automobile accident?

The Driver’s Responsibilities

A driver involved in an accident must provide information any time they hit or damage a vehicle. The owner of the car must be given the driver’s name and address, the driver’s license number, and proof of the car’s registration. In the event the vehicle is not occupied when it is hit, the driver must attempt to locate the owner. If they cannot do so, a note needs to be left that can be seen and it must contain this information. Failure on the part of the driver to take these steps is considered a hit and run accident.

The Victim’s Responsibilities

When a driver finds they have been the victim of a hit and run accident, the police should be called immediately. Furthermore, pictures should be taken of the damage, contact information should be obtained from any eyewitnesses, and everything needs to be documented. One thing a victim should never do is attempting to chase the driver responsible for the accident. This job is better left to the police.

The victim of this mishap ought to contact a hit and run accident lawyer in Hailey, ID also. The attorney can help the victim as the case moves forward to ensure the driver is held accountable for their actions. Make an appointment to speak with an attorney today. The sooner legal representation is obtained, the sooner a case can be built against the responsible party. A victim should never suffer in silence and simply pay for the necessary repairs. Idaho law is on the victim’s side, and every person needs to remember this. An attorney is there to ensure the law is enforced.