Contact an Attorney in Manhattan, KS for Sound Legal Advice

When a legal event happens, it’s always wise to contact an attorney for a consultation about the case. It helps to get the legal knowledge needed to make the right decision. It’s much easier for a legal case to proceed smoothly when there’s early intervention by an attorney in Manhattan, KS.

Areas of Law

An attorney will help an individual with:

  *    Family law

  *    Criminal law

  *    Personal injury

  *    Wills and probate

Family Law

Family law involves matters that are close to the heart and can be volatile depending on the situation. An attorney will keep the client focused on the case and provide them with the knowledge needed to make the right decision. An attorney can also help with a divorce, annulment, separation or prenuptial agreement, property settlements, and much more.

Divorce and child custody are two areas that fall under family law. Child support, paternity actions and protection from abuse (PFA) can be represented by an experienced family law attorney.

Criminal Law

When an individual has been arrested for a sex crime, violent crime, property crime, or drug or alcohol offense, a conviction related to those charges could affect them forever. An aggressive attorney in Manhattan, KS will help an individual receive the best possible outcome for their case.
A violent crime will be charged as a federal or state charge and include:

  *    Murder

  *    Pre-meditated murder

  *    2nd degree murder

  *    Felony murder

  *    Manslaughter

  *    Stalking

  *    Kidnapping

  *    Robbery

  *    Battery

  *    Domestic violence

  *    And many others.

  *    Personal injury

  *    And many others.

When an individual has been injured due to the negligence of another individual, a personal injury attorney can help the victim receive financial compensation. This type of compensation will pay the victim for their medical bills, pain, suffering, property loss, loss of wages, and much more. Personal injuries can result from automobile, truck or motorcycle accidents, as well as medical malpractice.

The Oleen Law Firm has years of experience representing people in a variety of legal areas, and they can help you through your legal situation. No one should ever represent themselves in a legal situation because the outcome of the case could be disastrous. For more information, please feel free to visit the website.