When the Other Driver Lies, Protect Yourself by Talking to a Car Accident Lawyer in Grand Rapids, MI

by | Apr 9, 2020 | Lawyer

Many people have found themselves involved in a car accident where the other driver was clearly at fault. In fact, the other driver may have even admitted their fault after the accident “although they only took their eyes off the road for a second or two”. Perhaps they had looked down at their phone or spilled a drink just before the accident. Whatever the reason, insurance information is exchanged and it seems as though this will be easy to settle. There won’t be any reason to talk to a car accident lawyer in Grand Rapids, MI.

Guilty Drivers Can Change Their Story and Lie

The situation can change. The other driver may regret admitting their guilt and tell a different story to their insurance company. The insurance company may choose to believe this story, especially if no police report was filed. Legally, the insurance company is supposed to investigate before denying a claim, but someone can decide that it’s easy to say “no” and hope the matter just goes away.

Alternatively, the adjuster for the other insurance company might say to send them any repair or medical bills and they’ll take care of it. A month or two goes by and past due bills start showing up. Talking to them doesn’t seem to do any good.

A Significant Injury Can Take Time to Develop

In another possible scenario, it may become apparent that what at first appeared to be simple aches and pains is actually a more serious injury, such as a herniated disk. Pain gradually worsens, spreading to the back and legs. It becomes difficult to walk, sleep and go to work. When it’s diagnosed, the doctor may talk about a possible surgery. A simple accident has become a nightmare.

It’s past time to talk to an experienced car accident lawyer in Grand Rapids, MI. The insurance company knows that many people will eventually settle just to put an end to the situation. When an attorney is handling the matter, the insurance company is put on notice that the matter cannot be ignored and will be pursued. Talking to an attorney sooner rather than later benefits the client. Investigations are much more effective when performed as soon as possible.

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