How the Jail Bail Bond System in Huntsville, AL Benefits Communities

Although millions of people are arrested each year, most are not hardened criminals. That is why the legal system allows many defendants to go free until they need to appear in court. In most cases, judges require them to pay bail in order to be released. Their money is returned to them when they meet all obligations. Those who cannot afford bail hire businesses like A Discount Bonding Co. Inc. They charge defendants a percentage of their bail amounts, and then write bonds guaranteeing that their clients will appear in court.

Bond Agencies Help Clients Navigate Processes

Bail bond agents are usually available 24/7, and are often called by the families or friends of someone who has been arrested. Agents do not judge their clients. They focus on helping them understand their situations and options. They generally charge about 10% of the bail amount as a fee. For example, if a judge set bail at $25,000, the client would owe the bond agent $2,500. When defendants cannot pay the agent’s fee, a jail bail bond company in Huntsville, AL may accept collateral, such as the title to boats, cars, or homes. Some bond companies also offer payment plans.

A Bail Bond Release Provides Benefits

Releasing defendants on a jail bail bond in Huntsville, AL protects their basic rights to be considered innocent until found guilty. They are kept safe from the physical and emotional harm that is so common in jails. The majority of people who are arrested also have families and jobs. When they are bonded out of jail, they can continue to go to work and care for other responsibilities. Most use this time to get legal help.

The Bond System Benefits Courts

Bail bond companies help keep the legal system running smoothly by handling dozens of details. Agents make sure that defendants understand the importance of appearing in court when they should. In fact, bondsmen have the right to apprehend clients who fail to appear in court. The bond system also helps reduce jail overcrowding.

Most people who get arrested are quickly released when they pay the bail amount ordered by a judge. Those who cannot afford bail rely on bond agents, who charge fees to guarantee that their clients will appear in court. The system reduces the number of prisoners and protects defendants.

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