What to do After a Semi Accident in Terre Haute, IN

by | Jun 10, 2016 | Lawyer

Tractor trailers have the important job of transporting food and other goods to stores and department chains across the nation. Traveling 24 hours a day, it is highly probable that accidents will happen. If you are involved in a truck accident and are injured badly enough to require medical care or lose time at work, you may have a personal injury case. There is a law firm that represents clients involved in a semi accident in Terre Haute, IN. The lawyer wants potential clients to be aware of their options.

After being involved in an accident, the first and only thing many people think about is recovering from the shock. If they are hurt, they focus on going to the hospital for treatment. However, victims should keep in mind that life goes on after the accident, and bills must be paid. If they result injured because of the accident, or impaired from working for a while, serious financial problems are going to come up. Meanwhile, in each state, a time frame is known as the statute of limitations is imposed. This gives the victim a certain amount of time to file the lawsuit in a civil court in order to collect damages.

In Indiana, the statute of limitations for a personal injury is two years. However, if the victim is involved in an accident with a government-owned tractor trailer, the time limit is 180 days for city and county agencies, and 270 days for state agencies. It is necessary to file the personal injury claim as soon as possible. It is also important to remember that Indiana employs what is known as the “comparative fault” rule. If the victim is found to be at fault in any percentage, any awards that would be issued would be reduced by that amount. If it is over 50 percent, you will not be able to collect at all.

Dan McGlone and his law team possess over 65 years of experience dealing with personal injury cases such as with truck accidents. They are ready to consult with victims of truck accidents and their families. The firm understands the importance of racing against time to get the case filed by the due date. If involved in a semi accident in Terre Haute, IN, visit the law firm.

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