A Slip and Fall Accident Attorney in Norwich, CT Can Help Victims Avoid These Four Mistakes

Most people have slipped and fallen in public at least once, and it can be quite embarrassing for some. Many who slip and fall are quick to get themselves together and get on their way, but hurriedly composing oneself can lead to errors. If one finds himself the victim in a slip and fall case, the following mistakes should be avoided.
Failing to Investigate

When people slip and fall, they are typically quick to go on about their day. However, it’s important to determine why the fall occurred. In these cases, the victim must prove negligence, and the only way to do so is to determine what caused the accident. When the cause is discovered, one should take videos and pictures if possible and also record the extent and severity of their injuries.

Failing to Report a Slip and Fall Incident

In many cases, victims forget to report their slip and fall accident to the appropriate authorities. This step may be a bit difficult, depending on where the accident occurred. If one can find the right person to whom the incident should be reported, it can be beneficial to their case. If a report is filed with the correct authority, the victim should retain a copy of that report so they can provide it to their Slip And Fall Accident Attorney in Norwich CT.

Not Talking to Bystanders and Other Witnesses

It’s important for victims to gather information from anyone who witnessed the slip and fall accident. If one was accompanied by a friend or family member, their testimony could be very helpful. Even if no one saw the fall occur, witnesses may be able to provide information on the condition of the premises, what they overheard when the fall happened, or other relevant factors.

Failure to Hire an Attorney Right Away

In a slip and fall case, time is a critical factor. The statute of limitations can be as little as two years, and it is important for a victim to visit Website.net to hire a personal injury attorney as quickly as possible. Proving negligence and developing a solid case takes time, and Stephen M. Reck, a Slip And Fall Accident Attorney in Norwich CT, will use the time allotted to its fullest potential.