What Individuals Need to Know When Hiring an Auto Accident Lawyer in Tumwater, WA

Any person who has been injured in a motor vehicle crash should consider consulting with an auto accident lawyer in Tumwater, WA. The attorney can examine the facts of the case to see if it is strong enough to take to court. There are situations where it is wiser to accept the current settlement and resolve the issue, and the attorney can be of help in determining this. What should every person know about personal injury lawyers before moving forward?

Free Consultations

Most attorneys that handle personal injury cases offer a free consultation. Individuals will appreciate this as they are already dealing with rising medical bills and they have likely lost time from work as a result of the accident. The victim can meet with several attorneys to learn the strength of the case and whether they should move forward with a suit or accept the settlement offered by the other party’s insurance provider. Use the consultations to find the attorney you are most comfortable with.

No Recovery, No Fee

Furthermore, victims need to know that most attorneys only get paid if the case is won. In the event, the suit goes forward and the case is lost, the victim may owe no money. There are situations where the injured party is responsible for certain fees. As a result, individuals need to make certain they have a written contract with the attorney, one that spells out exactly what fees are collected and when. This information is of help as the case moves through the system because it ensures a victim doesn’t have any unexpected bills.

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