A Personal Injury Lawyer Close To Beaver Dam Handles Civil Cases That May Also Be Criminal Cases

A personal injury case is always a civil case, but sometimes the incident was also a criminal offense. A Personal Injury Lawyer Close To Beaver Dam can represent clients who have been injured by someone else’s illegal actions. If that individual is charged with a crime, this is a separate matter from the civil case.

Determining Responsibility

A main problem with these kinds of cases is whether or not there is anyone to demand compensation from in the civil lawsuit. Consider what happens after an individual is assaulted in a tavern during a heated argument. Can the tavern be held responsible, since the fight happened on the premises? It can be very difficult to prove that the owner of the bar is liable unless the assailant was noticeably intoxicated and was allowed to keep drinking. A Personal Injury Lawyer Close To Beaver Dam may be able to make the case for premises liability and work out a settlement with the business insurer.

Often, in these types of incidents, the person charged with the offense does not have much money and does not own valuable assets. It is pointless to try to sue that individual or negotiate a settlement since there would be little to no money available.

Vehicle Collisions

Incidents involving vehicles also can be criminal offenses as well as personal injury cases in civil court. If a driver hits a pedestrian and flees the scene, for example, a hit and run charge will be filed if this driver is caught. Injuring someone while driving under the influence of alcohol also is a criminal offense. Obviously, when a driver tries to run someone down with a car, that is a serious crime.

In these instances, the automotive insurance policy is responsible for paying the injured person’s medical bills and lost wages. That policy also pays for property damage, such as when the injured person’s vehicle must be repaired or replaced. An attorney with an organization like QBS Law S.C. will review police reports and see if eyewitnesses are available to be interviewed. Many other steps are taken while building a case to provide compensation to the client. You can also visit them on Google My Business.