What Factors Apply To Pedestrian Accidents in Hawaii?

In Hawaii, local laws protect pedestrians when they are crossing streets and major roadways. These laws allow any individual who is struck by an oncoming car to file a legal claim against the driver. Local attorneys help these individuals seek civil claims after pedestrian accidents in Hawaii have occurred.

Yielding the Right of Way

According to Hawaii laws, all automobile drivers are required to yield the right away at all crosswalks. The designated crosswalks give pedestrians the right of way. Any automobile driver who hits a pedestrian in these areas is liable for the expenses of their medical treatment. Speeding violations that occur during a pedestrian accident could increase the penalty for the at-fault driver.

Restrictions for Pedestrians

Hawaii laws also highlight restrictions for pedestrians. Under these laws, pedestrians must watch oncoming traffic closely. If at any time a vehicle is approaching and presents an immediate risk to the pedestrian, they cannot enter the roadway. This law is enforced and applies to all crosswalks whether there are existing markings or not.

All pedestrians are restricted from crossing roadways in local business zones under certain conditions. They must use the designated crosswalk for these areas, whenever possible. Crossing the street in alternate areas could make the pedestrian liable as they entered the street unlawfully.

Pedestrians are also restricted from entering intersections. They include intersections in residential zones as well as business areas. The pedestrian may cross two hundred feet from the intersection or use a designated crosswalk only.

Evaluating Potential Hit-and-Run Accidents

Under Hawaii laws, any automobile owner who flees the scene of a pedestrian accident is guilty of a hit and run. This individual could face criminal penalties for this infraction that could equate to $1,000 fines and up to fifteen years in prison. The pedestrian or their family could also file a civil lawsuit against the driver.

In Hawaii, pedestrians are required to follow strict rules for crossing streets and major roadways, including the use of a crosswalk when available. However, automobile drivers must proceed with caution in areas in which pedestrians are likely to cross the street. Victims of pedestrian accidents in Hawaii should visit Autoaccidentattorneyhonolulu.com today for more information.
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